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Interior Design Ideas - Stunning Decorative Rugs

There are many resources available that offer decorative rugs. I'm going to share a few
insider observations about what you can expect to find in your search for an excellent
quality decorative rug, whether you decide on a pre-made version or choose to go the
custom route.

Searching online for a decorative rug can be an overwhelming experience. You'll find
that the majority of options are imported Persian or Oriental rugs with a few modern and
contemporary designs thrown into the mix. One tip is to try narrowing your search down
to a theme. You'll see better results looking for 'animal print rugs' than doing a broad
search for 'area rugs'.

Another suggestion is to browse design catalogs from the leading U.S. based rug making
facilities like Mastercraft Carpet Makers, Fabrica, and Masland. You'll notice these
custom rug facilities have much more flexibility in producing decorative rugs according to
theme, style, color and size.

The advantages in buying a custom decorative rug produced in the U.S. are as follows:

1. Faster turnaround times at 2-4 weeks, opposed to 12-16 weeks for overseas orders.

2. The unique hand-carving and sculptured look that can POP just about any design.

3. Materials can be selected in top quality nylons, and wools.

4. Flexibility in design; different cost levels in design can be achieved to meet budget specs.

You can always bring in an Interior Designer or Decorator to consult on your rug project if
you've got the jitters. Choose wisely if you decide to hire a consultant. Some designers are
familiar with custom rug fabrication and have the experience and confidence to guide
you through the steps, while others know about as much as you do. Again, you'll have to
do a little research.

Custom decorative rugs can be a stunning addition to your interior as well as the perfect
solution when you need a unique size, color combination or themed rug. Designs can be
adjusted to your budget and turnaround times can be quick.

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