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Do You Really Need an Interior Designer?

The term interior designer carries with it a certain mystique that makes the average person think of an ethereal individual with an innate sense of color and texture that allows them to transform any space into something unique and wonderful. Admittedly, you need some talent for coordinating design schemes, but what you need most is the desire to put your love of interior design to use in your own life.

Some states require prescribed course work and exams if you want to become a certified interior designer, including two to five years of post-secondary education and internship. However, there are other states that are far more lax in what they require. Check with your own state to see what requirements you'd need to meet.

However, if you don't want to jump through all the training hoops your state requires, you don't need any special education or experience to open your own interior design business, if that's one of your life goals. You simply provide an avenue for certified interior designers to meet homeowners and then work together on projects and home improvements.

If you're only working on decorating your own home, you don't need a license of any sort. With research, patience, common sense, and diligent shopping, you can transform any space into something you'll be proud to call home--without breaking the bank in the process.

Bear in mind that many studies have shown that people who aren't burdened by financial worries are happier than folks who are mired in debt. If accomplishing your redecorating task means charging up your credit cards to an uncomfortable level, you may want to rethink your project.

Other research has discovered that the simple act of planning something often gives people the most pleasure--often more than the actual accomplishment of the task itself. So take your time, do lots of research, shop hard for your materials, and stay within your budget, and you'll find that you can accomplish wonderful things when redecorating your home--with or without becoming a certified interior designer--and you'll reap the added joy of having done it yourself.

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