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The Essential Laws of Water Explained

How to Repair Damage Caused By Water

More often than not, if something is valuable to you, you'll put in the work required to get the job done. Don't expect your expensive undertaking to be easy or quick. That being said, seeing it through is nearly always worth the end result.

This scenario nearly always rings true when it comes to destruction caused by water damage. There's no time to waste when dealing with any kind of destruction caused by water. There's little time to educate yourself on water damage restoration after the damage has begun, so read up now on how to tackle such an event.


Anything laying on the ground surface ought to be brought to higher ground as soon as possible. It's imperative that you get your treasured belongings to safety as fast as you can. How you react as soon as the water starts flowing can determine how well your belongings can be salvaged. Regardless, you will have to remove or dispose of ground floor items once recovering of them begins.


The next thing you'll want to do is check out the basement for seeping water and items that may be damaged or destroyed. To avoid possible injury, scan the basement, especially the floor, before proceeding. If there is water in the basement, you'll need to find the leak, and that can be difficult in dark, already damp basements.

Scope out the rest of the home, being sure to check spaces you don't use very often, like the backs of closets and shelving that is up high in the rear of them. If you aren't equipped to move things about that you have stored, you might want to enlist some help.


After you move a damaged item, leave it be until restoration processes can begin to take place. While it's understandable that you have emotions attached to many items, try not to seize them all at once, as anything that has been touched by water could end up even more damaged.

Additionally, you'll spare yourself a hefty backache by moving things only once. On top of that, you won't lose track of your things going this route. The professional water damage restoration teams will then be able to pay attention to the work they must do to save your things.


Make sure you stick to the regulations set forth or the 5 foot rule too. The five foot rule embodies the idea that not only is visibly wet carpeting damaged, but so is a projected five more feet of carpeting around the obvious area. Small veins of water run across the carpet outside of the spots that are obviously harmed. It is important that all water be removed and tiny threads of it streaming through the carpet will eventually fester into giant problems.


Now you need to decide what your belongings are worth. During this step, you will ultimately be able to save some of your cherish possessions, but will have to say goodbye to other. A good team of water damage restoration workers will know how to tackle the moisture issue and immediately begin attempting to dry the home. With what you've learned from this article, you should feel comfortable with tackling a water damage situation should you ever need to.

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